I’m 34, I’m a wife to the love of my life, and mom to two of the sweetest little boys around : a very loud, entertaining and smart 4 year old (our big guy) and our brave, champion fighter of  a 1 year old who happens to be kicking CHARGE syndrome ass (our little guy)! I am a lover of trashy tv, curse words, youtube makeup videos, GIFs, target, podcasts, true crime docs, investigation discovery, netflix binges, t-shirts and jeans, comfy shoes and most recently a planner addict (give me all the stickers and washi tape).

I don’t really know what I’m going to do in this space. I’ve been consumed by hospitals, and doctors, and medical stuff for the last nine months, and I need an outlet. Something that’s mine where I can express whatever I’m feeling, or thinking or doing or obsessing over.

So here I am, trying to blog, because secretly I really like to talk about myself and I think I’m kind of interesting and sometimes a little funny. I’m just hoping this doesn’t get too messy.